Welcome to Hebe Land - a new website for a different Hebe

Welcome to our new online hangout. We hope you enjoy having a look around the site and find time to check out some of our recent projects

Although we loved our previous website and branding, we felt the time was right to evolve and create something that more closely reflects Hebe in 2012. 

We wanted to offer a clearer picture of what Hebe is about, the work we do and the people we work with. While the fact remains that we work with different brands in different ways, we wanted to find a way to make it easier for people to see how they can work with Hebe. With this in mind we are really happy to launch the Projects page on this website, which contains information about key projects we've taken on in the last year or so.

We must pay a huge thanks to the guys at Rabbit Hole who have helped us evolve our branding, and who designed the new Hebe logo. These guys are super-talented and it has been great fun to work with them; we are looking forward to building on the relationship we have started.

Anyway enough talk. Enjoy the site and drop us a comment / tweet / post / email / smoke signal with any feedback!